Welcome to Pickerington LaxCats Lacrosse:

Celebrating over 15 years of Youth Lacrosse in Pickerington, we are a parent led organization committed to providing opportunities for all youth in our area to learn and play lacrosse – America’s fastest growing youth sport!

After a few days of practice, it is easy to understand why kids love playing lacrosse. It incorporates, basketball, soccer, hockey, and other sports which allows kids who have played other sports to quickly become proficient.

Whether you’re a returning player or new to the sport, we welcome all girls and boys grades 1st thru 6th. Our goal is to help lots of kids to love lacrosse and know how to play. We are committed to creating a fun, positive environment where kids can learn to love America’s original sport.  We compete against programs throughout central Ohio. We are a not for profit group made up entirely of parent volunteers.

Why you should sign up your child for Lacrosse

You should try lacrosse for three reasons:

  1. Lacrosse is incredibly fun. It’s the fastest sport on two feet. It is an absolute adrenaline rush to run across the field with your team members in this quick paced game.
  2. Lacrosse will make you better at other sports. Lacrosse combines the hustle of soccer, the explosiveness of football, the skill of baseball or softball, and the creative teamwork of basketball. Increasingly college and NFL coaches are pointing to the skills in lacrosse and how they elevate football players.
  3. LaxCats does our best to create a fun, safe, and positive experience for all of the kids and parents. The Native Americans who gave us the game call it “The Medicine Game” and the belief is that where it is played the people and community are strengthened. We try our best to honor this tradition by creating a supportive and positive environment.

Come play lacrosse this spring.

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